Yogi Natural Handcrafted Soaps 


I'm Ommy owner of Beautiful Creations for the past 15 years, creating soaps and bath treats for my family, friends, and those around the world. It is my pleasure to shared Beautiful Creations bath and body treats with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy them.

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Facial Wash

Facial Cleansing Soap Set

This facial soap set is the best of the best.

Clay facial soaps are perfect for a weekly cleanse and remove impurities, Is perfect for acne and dark spots. A gentle facial cleanser frees skin of dead surface cells, make-up, excess oil, bacteria, and pore-clogging debris, allowing the skin to breathe. The vital first step to any beauty routine—cleansing revs-up your skin's circulation to boost radiance and preps it to receive the full benefits of the treatments to follow. 

I have been using this soap for 10 years, I have not to change the recipe other than adding collagen as is just perfect as it is. I don’t use anything else to cleanse my face. Is also fantastic to remove makeup without scrubbing your face or using facial pads to remove makeup witch only is hard and not sensitive for the skin. 


The facial clay soap and Clear skin soap are best used together. Facial clay soap once or twice a week and Clear Skin daily to moisturize the skin. 

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