Hand Painted Mandala Rocks

These painted rocks have a texture that is so fun to touch or simply decorate your favorite spot, paperweight, meditation or give as a gift. They are ready to gift away.  A mandala stone is a decorative art object but in its originality an object of mindfulness to nature and the universe. Some use them for meditation, like my self every time I paint one. They are very relaxing and peaceful to look at. Use them on your yoga mat as a point of focus and awareness. 

These rocks are handpicked from places I love to go to or my travels, Florence Oregon, the ocean, and many other fun places, carefully chosen for their unique round shape. Some are also handmade stones mandalas, fun to look at for the perfect texture and shape.

The mandala represents an imaginary palace that is contemplated during the meditation you have created.

Thank you for looking at the mandala stones.



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